Post-Deployment Monitoring Tooling


There exists a lack of post-deployment monitoring tooling that allow for program developers to extract realtime and actionable insights. Developers should look to use continuous monitoring or observability tools to manage active threats and achieve actionable data regarding their programs. Most insights require a real time data filtering or analysis workflows and will need to maintain a firehouse of program-specific updates, assessors and instruction calls.

Please see the following RFP that outlines a request to create program monitoring tooling. The Solana Foundation lays out a list of proposed solutions, but the technology used to monitor (or verify) is at the behest of the applicant.


Take note of the application deadline (2/29/2024). The maximum grant amount is not included within the request as different monitoring applications will have varying cost factors. The resulting finalist(s) will work with the Solana Foundation to receive an appropriate grant issued in USD-equivalent locked SOL with approachable, but rigorous milestones.

Ground Rules

This thread can be used for comments, questions, praise, and / or criticism, and is intended to be an open forum for any prospective responders. This thread is also an experiment in increasing the transparency through which RFPs are fielded by the Solana ecosystem too, so please be mindful that we’re all here to learn and grow.

Responses to this RFP are not required to be public (but recommended), but if it is helpful to share notes or combine forces, then please use this thread for such purposes

Link: Airtable - Solana Foundation Public RFP Database


Hey @pkxro,

Thanks for this post and getting the word out. I had this realization a few days ago- there is a huge market gap for tools that monitor contracts post-deployment. I think it is something that has been overlooked to date since it’s not something that a startup really thinks like, and lack of metrics on contracts will be a huge barrier to entry for a lot of tradfi/corps eyeing launching an on-chain product.

I started working on something that I intend to open source after I get it in working order, and I would love help if anyone is interested!


Hi all, I’m curios to learn what you believe are the most pressing gaps? The RFP Mentions Observability Tools, Live Fuzzing Tools, and Off-chain Alerting and Dispatcher Tools. Prioritization / more specific needs will enable us to bring the best offering to the table.


Hey @SendBlocks,

All of these are gaps. This was a deliberate choice to not be prescriptive in the types of applications we were looking for. RFP applicants should define how their tooling best helps the ecosystem.


Hey @0xmulch if you’re not applying to the RFP track, please reach out! Would love to see where you’re at here. Telegram: Contact @pkxro or dm me directly on the forum


Thank you for your response! We were prioritizing to fit into the requested schedule. We look forward to discussing our proposition further.

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Hey, would love to chat, I am not familiar with RFP, so if this is something that is grantable/ fundable I would quit my job today to work on this. Let me know how serious you are, I was considering going and trying to pitch it in the Colosseum, but still working on the MVP, value prop, TAM etc


Just finished the Colosseum hackathon up and am contemplating which thing I would like to prioritize next, this is still one of my higher priority ideas, @pkxro did you ultimately cancel the RFP or were some submissions accepted? I can produce some preliminary arch docs if this is still on the table

Update: Disreg-- just located the RFP DB-- glad you guys got something going. Thanks!