Unified Security Token/RWA Program


As discussed in the sRFC section of the forum sRFC 00020: RWA/Security Token Standard, this RFP is for a RWA program that can generalize to many RWA representations.

RWA RFP application link


Application deadline is Sept 29th, 2023 and be sure to make sure all criteria is met prior to sending in an application. The listed grant amount is a maximum allocation and is issued in USD-equivalent locked SOL and gated behind delivery milestones. If for whatever reason this isn’t a workable solution, please let us know in the application or reach out to me directly.

Ground Rules

This thread can be used for comments, questions, praise, and / or criticism, and is intended to be an open forum for any prospective responders. This thread is also an experiment in increasing the transparency through which RFPs are fielded by the Solana ecosystem too, so please be mindful that we’re all here to learn and grow.

Responses to this RFP are not required to be public, but if it is helpful to share notes or combine forces, then please use this thread for such purposes.

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Off-topic questions,

  1. When a project is decided on, will there be an announcement?

  2. Looking at the evaluation criteria, it says that it is ideal for the project to be open source, Does this apply when the team start working on the projects or at a later date after the team has executed its idea?

It’s not clear what are the expected deliverables.
(assuming the standard itself doesn’t have a code)
Is it an example of the standard? Something else?

May I ask for more details?

Hey @Tamgros, trying to understand whether you are looking explicitly for the development of the Token or also a team to run the program.

The deliverable is a Solana Program on mainnet. There are also some milestones including a spec and testing.