sRFC 26: Multi-Actions (Solana Actions v2)


The Multi-Action Specification (MAS) is a extension of sRFC 25: Solana Actions and retains interoperability (but not strict backwards-compatibility). See detailed specification here.

Two notable differences:

  1. The metadata returned from GET may include more than just label and icon, and may include more informational data (e.g., title, description) as well as a set of up to four linked Action endpoints.
    1. Linked Actions introduces the concept of an input with dynamic input. An Action with dynamic input cannot be the first Action as backwards-compatibility with the v1 Actions Spec does not allow input. Actions with dynamic input receive additional parameters in the body of the POST request alongside the account public key.
    2. All linked Actions themselves respect the v1 Solana Actions specification, and can individually respond to the GET / POST flow, with the exception of Actions with dynamic input.
  2. The transaction returned from POST will always be the first of the set of linked Actions from the metadata retrieval step.


Allowing the return of additional metadata + multiple Actions allows for more expressive, Action-driven interfaces to be built.