Solana Improvement Documents Info

General Information regarding SIMDs

How to submit a SIMD


  1. Gather feedback on your SIMD idea either here or in the Solana Tech Discord under the core-technology channel.
  2. Once you get enough discussion on the SIMD where you think it may have a good chance of getting accepted, write your SIMD using the SIMD template
  3. Create a PR to solana-foundation/solana-improvement-documents
  4. SIMD maintainers will assign SIMD number to your SIMD


  • Do not copy paste the SIMD itself in the forum. Just post an overview and a link to the SIMD itself.

SIMD Guidelines

Core Community Call

Once a month there is a core community call between core developers on the Solana protocol.

You can propose a topic for the agenda by making a PR to the latest agenda in the core-community-call repository.

The call is open to the public for viewing! If you’re interested in attending you can add the public calendar to be notified.

You can find a playlist of all previous core community calls on Youtube.