Generalized State Compression


State Compression is a technical primitive for verifying data secured in the Solana ledger, allowing that data to be used in smart contracts and drastically reducing the cost of state on the Solana network.

State Compression is most prominently used by Metaplex’s Bubblegum program, which powers Compressed NFTs. NFTs have stable data structures and thus are easily parsed by multiple parties. However, generalized state compression would allow the same cost savings being used for NFTs to work for any piece of state on Solana.

There’s an assortment of standards, specifications, tools, and workflows needed to make this a reality on Solana. This RFP is intended to be completed by one (or many) parties, and prospective submissions can address one or many of the milestones.

Please apply for the RFP here for consideration.


Take note of the end date (1/1/2024) and be sure to make sure all criteria is met prior to sending in an application.

Ground Rules

This thread can be used for comments, questions, praise, and / or criticism, and is intended to be an open forum for any prospective responders. This thread is also an experiment in increasing the transparency through which RFPs are fielded by the Solana ecosystem too, so please be mindful that we’re all here to learn and grow.

Responses to this RFP are not required to be public, but if it is helpful to share notes or combine forces, then please use this thread for such purposes.


note—the submission deadline has been extended to 12/1/2023 due to slippage (me procrastinating due to Breakpoint)

also a note on milestones: since the milestones are somewhat inter-related but not entirely dependent, submissions for the 1st and 2nd milestones will be reviewed after the submission deadline, and submissions for the 3rd milestone may be accepted on a rolling basis because that milestone is broadly applicable to compressed NFTs, not just generalized state compression.


this RFP has been completed, and all teams with submissions have been (personally) evaluated as well as notified regarding their status. we’re looking forward to the continued development of technologies to help scale Solana to new heights- more to come as work proceeds.

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