Bidirectional QUIC communication channel

Bidirectional QUIC channel to track transaction lifecycle


Currently, it is very hard to understand what happens to an individual transaction in the cluster.
As Solana is a distributed cluster each transaction can be forwarded to different nodes, may be rejected
without any warning in the sig-verify stage, the connection could be dropped, and much more. As a client
when I send a transaction to the cluster the only feedback that I have is whether the transaction is
in the blocks or not. This feedback is insufficient when there is congestion in the network and the
transactions are dropped without any information about where this process is happening and which
part of the code the cluster is struggling to keep up.

As Solana is being developed fast and we have multiple development roadmaps to improve the scheduling
stage of the cluster. I propose that we add a new notification mechanism to the Solana cluster
to understand more about the transaction lifecycle.
This will make it easier to develop, integrate, scale, and understand the Solana cluster.

Full proposal : Proposal for quic bidirectional reply by godmodegalactus · Pull Request #30161 · solana-labs/solana · GitHub
POC: Gmg/bidirectional quic replies (v1.14) by godmodegalactus · Pull Request #29954 · solana-labs/solana · GitHub