Proposal for Enabling the Reward Full Priority Fee to Validator on Solana Mainnet-beta

The amount of effort to lie and misinform is creepy. We do not respect it one bit. There is no honor or integrity here. We saw the centralized entities here censor the forums once social media made this proposal exposed to the public.

If this so called community had any honor or integrity the proposal would have been immediately pulled due to lack of clarity, data and literally everything else. This proposal is a money grab and pure robbery. You can claim whatever you want to feel better about taking from millions of users and holders but the public looking at social media posts regarding this proposal do not agree with you one bit. The validators that went to push their agendas were shut down. You censored users and holders that came here and voiced their concerns and the validators that are suppose to represent them silenced and censored their voices. This is highly unethical and shows the true level of censorship and centralization going on here.

Again no need to respond, it’s very evident not a single one of you will post any data or evidence to anything you claim. We are not ignorant to the crypto space and you are not going to manipulate us into believing this is anything other than a scam proposal that negatively impacts the entire network. The proposal itself is clearly evident how bad things are being done on Solana.

We thought there was real developers here but apparently not. Just con artists running nodes thinking of ways to steal from millions of users and holders.

Don’t try to lie when everyone can see the evidence from the above link. We know the math and how validators conned the voting structure for their total control. We are not your delgators on crypto twitter who can easily be fooled and lied to.

Maybe you all should learn to become real developers and write real proposals out before rushing some scam vote that only benefits you and negatively impacts every user. You’re all too selfish though and only think of yourselves and nothing will ever change.

Meme casino is propping up solana amd literally everyone knows it’s a degen casino and nothing more. It’s only a matter of time before you all screw it up with more God awful proposals that scream centralization and scam to everyone other than your echo chamber niche community here.

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