Logging Pipeline SDK/API for Solana Programs

Logging Pipeline SDK/API for Solana Programs

A logging pipeline solution available to Solana programs that can allow teams to pipe program logs into logging pipelines such as ELK or Logstash.

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Any project team that’s been developing their product for some prolonged period of time is going to desire the best monitoring solutions available for their stack.

Robust and popular tooling exists for monitoring websites and server-side functions, such as traffic, throughput, and more, but this area of expertise is severely lacking for on-chain Solana programs.

What if we could introduce an SDK for Solana programs that allowed emitted events to be captured and streamed into a customizable logging pipeline of your choice?

Enterprises often leverage tools like ELK or Logstash for logs, and Prometheus & Grafana for monitoring.
Can we expand the capabilities of such powerful tools to encapsulate information about live Solana programs?

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